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Israel’s Unstable Truce with Gaza: A Fragile Peace Amidst Looming Conflict

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**The article discusses the reasons why the Israeli military wanted to end the ceasefire with the Gaza Strip and what might happen next.**

* The Israeli military has long been unhappy with the ceasefire with the Gaza Strip, which it believes has allowed Hamas, the militant group that controls the territory, to rearm and rebuild its military capabilities.

* The Israeli military also believes that the ceasefire has not done enough to stop Hamas from launching rocket attacks into Israel.

* In recent months, there have been a number of incidents that have increased tensions between Israel and Hamas, including the killing of an Israeli soldier by Hamas gunmen and the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza in response.

* The Israeli military believes that the only way to achieve lasting peace with Gaza is to disarm Hamas and weaken its grip on the territory.

* However, the Israeli military also recognizes that this would be a very difficult and costly undertaking.

* The Israeli military is therefore likely to continue to use targeted airstrikes and other measures to try to weaken Hamas and deter future rocket attacks.

The article concludes by saying that the future of the ceasefire between Israel and Gaza is uncertain. The Israeli military is likely to continue to pressure Hamas, but it is also aware of the risks of escalating the conflict.

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