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Unleash Spooky Grandeur: Home Depot’s Halloween 2023 Collection Features the Towering Jack Skellington Skeleton

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The new Home Depot Halloween 2023 collection, which includes a giant Jack Skellington skeleton. The skeleton is 12 feet tall and 6 feet wide, and it is made of durable plastic. It has movable arms and legs, and it can be posed in different ways. The skeleton also has a built-in sound system that plays spooky music and sound effects.

The Home Depot Halloween 2023 collection also includes other spooky decorations, such as a 15-foot Towering Phantom, a 9.6-foot Immortal Werewolf, and a 7-foot Lethal Lily the Witch. There are also a variety of family-friendly decorations, such as inflatables and animatronics.

The Home Depot Halloween 2023 collection is available online and in stores now. The giant Jack Skellington skeleton is priced at $399.

Here are some other highlights from the Home Depot Halloween 2023 collection:

* The Grave & Bones Collection features a variety of skeleton decorations, including the original 12-foot Skelly skeleton, the new Catacomb Archway, and the 8-foot Boogeyman.

* The Dead Water Collection is a new collection of swamp-themed decorations, including the 12.5-foot Animated Predator of the Night, the 7.5-foot Animated Marsh Monster, and the 6.5-foot Animated Swamp Fisherman.

* The Disney Characters collection features a variety of Disney-themed decorations, including a 6-foot Animated Mickey Mouse, a 5-foot Animated Minnie Mouse, and a 4-foot Animated Pumpkinhead Jack Skellington.

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