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NFL Super Agent Drew Rosenhaus Slammed by PETA for ‘Wannabe Macho Man’ Shark Wrestling Video

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PETA has slammed NFL super agent Drew Rosenhaus for wrestling a shark in a video he posted on social media. The animal rights organization called Rosenhaus a “wannabe macho man” and said his actions were “unnecessary and cruel.”

In the video, Rosenhaus can be seen yanking a dusky shark by its tail in the middle of the ocean near Miami. He then holds the shark up to the camera and poses with it.

PETA said that Rosenhaus’ actions were “dangerous and irresponsible” and that he could have easily been injured by the shark. The organization also said that sharks are already facing a number of threats, including overfishing and habitat loss, and that Rosenhaus’ actions only add to their suffering.

Rosenhaus has not responded to PETA’s criticism.

Here are some of the reactions to the video:

* “This is disgusting. Drew Rosenhaus should be ashamed of himself.”
* “What a wannabe macho man. He’s just putting the shark in danger.”
* “This is so unnecessary and cruel. Sharks are amazing creatures and they deserve to be left alone.”
* “I hope PETA takes legal action against him.”
* “This is just sad. I can’t believe someone would do this to a shark.”

It is unclear what the consequences of Rosenhaus’ actions will be. However, PETA’s criticism has certainly put a spotlight on his behavior and hopefully it will discourage others from doing the same.

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