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The 2023 NBA Draft was a night full of surprises, winners, and losers. Here are some of the biggest takeaways from the first round:

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Victor Wembanyama goes No. 1 to the Spurs. This was no surprise to anyone who has been following the draft, but it was still a major moment for the league. Wembanyama is the most hyped prospect since LeBron James, and he has the potential to be a generational talent.

Chet Holmgren goes No. 2 to the Thunder. Holmgren was another consensus top-three pick, but his slide to No. 2 was a bit of a surprise. Some analysts had him as the top overall prospect, so his fall to the Thunder was a bit of a shock.

Jalen Duren goes No. 3 to the Pistons. Duren was another top-three prospect who fell a bit in the draft. He was seen as a potential top-two pick, but his lack of a consistent jumper may have scared some teams off.


The San Antonio Spurs. The Spurs got the steal of the draft by landing Wembanyama at No. 1. He is a once-in-a-generation talent who has the potential to lead the Spurs back to contention.

The Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder also got a great player in Holmgren. He is a versatile big man who can play multiple positions. He will be a key part of the Thunder’s rebuild.

The Detroit Pistons. The Pistons got a physical presence in Duren. He is a rim protector who can also finish around the rim. He will be a valuable addition to the Pistons’ young core.


The Houston Rockets. The Rockets were the biggest losers of the draft. They traded their No. 3 pick for Christian Wood, but Wood is a good player, not a great one. The Rockets could have used the No. 3 pick to draft a franchise-changing player.

The Orlando Magic. The Magic also had a disappointing draft. They traded their No. 1 pick for Paolo Banchero, but Banchero is not a sure thing. He is a talented player, but he has some flaws in his game.

The Indiana Pacers. The Pacers took a risk by drafting Bennedict Mathurin at No. 6. Mathurin is a talented scorer, but he is a bit of a project. He will need to improve his defense and playmaking if he wants to be a star in the NBA.

Overall, the 2023 NBA Draft was a successful one. There were some surprises, but there were also some great players who were drafted. It will be interesting to see how these players develop and contribute to their teams in the years to come.

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