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Missing Titanic Tour Sub: Search Continues for Five People Aboard

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Five people were on board a tourist submarine that was looking for the Titanic’s remains. A sub-search is in progress. On June 19, 2023, OceanGate Expeditions’ submarine lost contact with the surface while carrying three passengers and two crew members. The submarine was last seen around 12,400 feet (3,780 meters) down.

The Canadian Coast Guard and the US Coast Guard are in charge of the submarine’s search. Bad weather and difficult underwater conditions hampered the search. The search team, on the other hand, is using sonar, underwater cameras, and remotely controlled vehicles to try to locate the submarine.

The privately owned Triton 3300/3, which is capable of carrying three passengers and two crew members, is the missing submarine. Life support systems and emergency beacons are two examples of the safety equipment on board the submarines. However, there are also limitations on endurance and service.

Experienced divers make up all five of the missing. They:

The families of the missing include Lanny Peterson, 36, of San Francisco, California; Chris Sakopoulos, 60, of Woodside, California; Dalen Martin, 29, of Las Vegas, Nevada; Tristan Smith, 29, of Reno, Nevada; and Jared Smith, 29, of Reno, Nevada. They are requesting assistance from the general public in locating the submarine. To fund his search, he set up a website and GoFundMe page.

Demand action:

For information regarding a missing submarine, get in touch with either the Canadian Coast Guard or the US Coast Guard. You can also get in touch with the families of people who have gone missing via their website or GoFundMe page.

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