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Trump’s visit to Cuban landmark in Miami met with mixed reactions

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Previous president donald trump visited versailles eatery in miami’s little havana area on tuesday soon after his arraignment on charges of endeavoring to upset the consequences of the 2020 political race. The visit drew blended responses from cuban americans in with some lauding the previous president for his enemy of socialism position and others communicating resentment regarding his supposed job in the january sixth revolt.

Versailles is a well known social occasion place for cuban americans in miami and its visit by trump was considered by some to be an indication of help for the previous president. Allies recited “Trump 2024” as he entered the café and some even implored over him in Spanish. Anyway others were not really inviting. A few cuban americans felt double-crossed by trump’s visit given his supposed job in the January sixth uprising. They contended that trump’s activities had subverted majority rules system and that he ought not be welcome locally.

What is your take of Trump’s visit to Versailles? Share your contemplations in the remarks underneath.

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