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Blinken and Qin Gang meeting in Beijing to discuss tense relations

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US secretary of state anthony blinken holds a two-day meeting with chinese foreign minister Qin Gang in beijing june 18, 2023, The meeting comes at a time of high tension between the two countries over disagreements on issues such as trade human rights and Taiwan.

Blinken and Qin Gang discussed a variety of issues at the meeting including the war in ukraine, Trade disputes and human rights practices in china. we also agreed to continue working together on issues of common interest such as climate change.

The talks were seen as an attempt by both sides to stabilize relations that had become increasingly strained in recent years, However it is unlikely that significant progress will be made in this visit.

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* Read more about the conference on the BBC website.
*Watch video of the conference on CNN.
* Listen to podcasts about the conference from The New York Times.

Why is this news important?

The meeting between blinken and Qin gang is significant in that it is the first high level us-china summit in nearly five years. the meeting comes at a time when tensions between the two countries have escalated and is being seen as an attempt by both sides to stabilize ties.

The meeting is also significant because it provides an opportunity for vlinken and the Qin gang to discuss a range of issues including the war in ukraine, The trade dispute and china’s human rights actions. the outcome of the talks will be closely watched by both the countries and the international community.

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