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The former president hesitating as supporters sang happy birthday to him at a miami restaurant tuesday night according to sources close to donald Trump

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Trump Winces at Birthday Serenade, Source Says He Hates Calling Attention to Age. trump turned 77 on wednesday.

The source told the new york post that trump is ashamed of his age and does not celebrate his birthday in a meaningful way. at Versailles restaurant in little havana. trump was greeted by supporters earlier in the day. they laughed awkwardly while singing but were shocked when the song ended.

A source said, He hates being in the spotlight for his age. he doesn’t celebrate his birthday in a meaningful way.

Trump has long been sensitive about his age, In 2016, He said at a rally that he was the youngest president ever. he also often comments on his great genes.

The source said Trump’s hesitation was not only due to his reaction to the happy birthday song, But also the fact that he was facing several legal challenges on tuesday. trump pleaded not guilty to 37 charges of fraud and conspiracy related to his business practices.

The source said, He is under a lot of stress. he doesn’t handle it very well.

Trump’s flutter on the birthday song got mixed reactions on social media, Some sympathized with Trump and some ridiculed him.

One twitter user wrote, He’s a billionaire, but he’s still insecure about his age.

Another netizen wrote, He is the most powerful man in the world, But he is still afraid of getting old.

Now it has to be seen how trump deals with the challenges facing him at the age of 77.

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