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Al Ahly: Africa’s Real Madrid?

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Al Ahly is often referred to as Africa’s version of Real Madrid and there are certainly some similarities between the two clubs, Both are record winners of their respective continental competitions with Al Ahly winning the African Champions League a record 10 times and Real Madrid winning the UEFA Champions League a record 14 times, Both clubs also have a large and passionate fan base and both have histories of success in international competition.

However there are some major differences between the two clubs as well, Al Ahly is a club with a stronger social and political identity whereas Real Madrid is a more commercial club, Al Ahly are also based in a country with a much smaller population than Spain which means there is a smaller potential market for their merchandise and tickets.

Overall there are both similarities and differences between Al Ahly and Real Madrid, Al Ahly is a successful club with a large and passionate fan base but doesn’t have the same commercial reach as Real Madrid, Whether or not Al Ahly can truly be considered Africa’s version of Real Madrid remains to be seen.

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