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Chuck Todd to Step Down as Moderator of Meet the Press

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Chuck Todd announced on June 4 2023 that he would step down as moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press He will be replaced by Kristen Welker who has been White House correspondent for NBC News since 2011.

Todd has been moderator of Meet the Press since 2014 He is the 12th person to hold this post, During his time as moderator Todd has interviewed some of the most important figures in American politics including President Barack Obama, President Donald Trump, and President Joe Biden.

In a statement Todd said that he is stepping down to focus on his other duties at NBC News including his role as the network’s political director, He added that he was proud of his work on Meet the Press and that he was confident that Welker would be a great moderator.

Welker is a well respected journalist who has covered politics for over a decade, She is well known for her tough but fair interviews and her ability to open up to her guests He is also an efficient moderator who is able to keep the discussion on track.

Welker’s appointment as moderator of Meet the Press marks a watershed moment for women in journalism, She is the first woman to hold the position since Andrea Michele who served as the moderator from 1991 to 2008.

Welker’s appointment also signals a changing landscape of American politics, The Meet the Press audience is increasingly diverse and the appointment of Welker sends a message that NBC News is committed to reflecting that diversity.

I’m sure Welker will do an excellent job as moderator of Meet the Press, She is a gifted reporter with a deep understanding of American politics, I look forward to seeing him continue to lead the program in the future.

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