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Elliot Page Reveals Secret Relationship with Kate Mara After Coming Out as Gay

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After coming out as gay in 2014, Elliot Page revealed in a new interview with People that he had a secret relationship with actress Kate Mara. On the set of the movie My Days of Mercy, where they played two lovers, the two met.

Page stated, “We started dating after we finished the film.” It was a truly unique time for me. I was all the while sorting out what my identity was, and Kate was so steady and understanding.”

The relationship was brief, in any case. At the time, Mara was dating actor Max Minghella; after a few months, she broke up with Page.

Page stated, “It was hard.” However, I am thankful for our time together.

Many people were surprised by Page’s admission because he has never discussed his relationship with Mara in public before. However, this is not his first admission of his sexual orientation. He came out as gay in a moving speech he gave in 2014 at the Human Rights Campaign’s Time to Thrive conference.

Page stated at the time, “I want to start by saying that I’m here today because I am gay.” I feel fortunate to be here and to have the chance to speak with you today.”

After receiving a standing ovation for his speech, Page has become a vocal supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. Additionally, he has received praise for his candor and bravery in coming out.

GLAAD President Sarah Kate Ellis said, “Elliot Page is an inspiration to us all.” His bravery in coming out is a powerful reminder that everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.”

The revelation made by Page is a significant event for the LGBTQ+ community and is likely to motivate others to come out. Likewise an update love will be love, and that everybody should be blissful.

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