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Delhi Police has the purrfect response to Elon Musk’s son’s question about police cats

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Elon Musk’s son, X AE A-XII, also known as Lil X, recently asked his father if there are any police cats. Musk shared this on Twitter, and the Delhi Police responded with a “purrfect” tweet of their own.

The Delhi Police tweeted, “We don’t have any police cats yet, but we’re working on it! In the meantime, here’s a picture of our best cat, Constable Whiskers.” The tweet included a photo of a cat wearing a police uniform.

Musk responded to the Delhi Police’s tweet, saying, “That’s purrfect! Lil X will be thrilled.”

The exchange between Musk and the Delhi Police was met with amusement by many Twitter users. Some users joked that they would like to see a cat unit added to the police force, while others said that they would be happy to volunteer their own cats to serve as police officers.

The Delhi Police’s tweet was a great way to engage with the public and show that they have a sense of humor. It also helped to raise awareness of the importance of animal welfare.

It is unclear if the Delhi Police will ever actually have a police cat unit, but their tweet has certainly sparked a lot of interest in the idea. In the meantime, Constable Whiskers will have to keep up the good work on his own.

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