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Top 5 trending news of 29 May 2023 on Google in USA

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1. Biden urges Congress to pass debt ceiling deal.

The US government is currently facing a debt ceiling crisis, and President Biden is urging Congress to pass a deal to raise the debt ceiling. If Congress does not act, the government could default on its debt, which would have a devastating impact on the economy.

2. Erdogan wins Turkish election, extending rule to third decade.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has won a landslide victory in the Turkish presidential election, extending his rule to a third decade. Erdogan’s victory is a major setback for the country’s pro-democracy movement.

3. New Mexico motorcycle rally ends in mass shooting between rival gangs.


A mass shooting at a motorcycle rally in New Mexico has left three people dead and at least five others injured. The shooting is believed to be the result of a dispute between rival gangs.

4. Man shot to death on Metro train pulling into Waterfront station.


A man was shot and killed on a Metro train pulling into the Waterfront station in Washington, DC. The shooting is under investigation, but police believe it may have been the result of a robbery attempt.

5. Amanda Gorman defends poem after school restricts access.


Poet Amanda Gorman has defended her poem “The Hill We Climb” after a school in Texas restricted access to it. The school said the poem was “too political” and “could be divisive.” Gorman has said that she is “heartbroken” by the school’s decision and that she believes “poetry should be a place where we can come together, not be divided.”

These are just a few of the trending news stories on Google of 29 May 2023 in the USA right now. For more news, please visit Google News.

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