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Who won The Voice 2023? voice season 23 results

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It was a talent-packed season of The Voice, but it sadly has come to an end. The Season 23 finale of The Voice airs on Tuesday, May 23. That’s when we found out who won the award and secured their place in The Voice history.

It can be anyone’s game. The winning coach, Blake Shelton, has nine wins on The Voice, and could have reached double digits if either of the two finale contestants had won the season.

Or how about new coach Niall Horan or Chance the Rapper? They both had competitive performances in the finale and were able to prove their opening luck by winning.

And Kelly Clarkson, who won the show an impressive four times, also joined the finale as a singer.

“I think my biggest competitor among coaches is probably Kelly. Because she is an experienced vet and has won many times, people are drawn to her because they know she entered the competition. She is very well known. Chance the Rapper told NBC Insider when asked about his season predictions.

Meanwhile, Clarkson said he was secretly hoping Shelton’s teammates would win, as it was the Cowboys’ final season as coach.

“Could it be easier knowing that Blake is his final season? Do you know me at all? No!” Clarkson said. “Does he secretly want to win last season? Maybe he does. But let him win? No! I’m going to work for the cast and I want them to win!”

So who really won? Read the result.

voice season 23 results

On the live show on May 15, Grace West (Team Blake), D.Smooth (Team Kelly), Gina Miles (Team Niall), Sorel (Team Chance), and NOIVAS (Team Blake) all advanced to the elimination via vote-off. These were your top 5 artists!

Sadly, Reilly Tate Wilson, Ray Uriel and Holly Brand are all out.

Who is the winner of The Voice 2023?

Gina Miles!

The winners of season 23 of The Voice were announced during the finale on Tuesday, May 23. Second was Grace West, third was D.Smooth, fourth was Sorel and fifth was Noivas.

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