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HMS Scott sails to New York for Fleet Week celebration of the US Army.

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The Royal Navy’s only deep sea research vessel, HMS Scott, is on her way to Fleet Week New York.

The week-long event celebrates the US Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps.

Taking place in New York City from May 24 to 30, the festival is expected to include ship tours, helicopter landings, high-speed rope displays, Coast Guard search and rescue demonstrations, and performances by military musicians.

HMS Scott tweeted: “We will support the UK’s key defense and security partners.

“Stay tuned for an update on what will be an epic event!”

HMS Scott has contributed to Britain’s defense effort by surveying the world’s oceans to help other ships navigate safely at sea.

In August 2022, HMS Scott was deployed to the Mid-Atlantic for data collection in support of the Royal Navy and NATO.

It is the largest survey vessel in Western Europe and the fifth largest in the Royal Navy.

She is the only ship of her class and can stay at sea for up to 300 days thanks to her crew rotation system.

HMS Scott also undertakes mine countermeasures in an auxiliary capacity.

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