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‘American Idol’ star Annie’s father accuses Katy Perry of ‘bullying’ behavior

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American Idol star Way Annie’s parents are not happy with the way their daughter was treated at the competition.

America. According to The Sun, Annie’s father, McDonald, said that Katy Perry said nasty things about his 24-year-old daughter when she appeared on the show. In an Instagram post on Monday (May 22), MacDonald released a lengthy statement, claiming we’ve idolized Perry for years and accusing AI of destroying her daughter by criticizing her performance.

“A few years ago, the impressionable teen Chaplin was in the studio to record an Apple recording of The Voice as that year’s youngest minor finalist, MacDonald wrote as user Elastigirl.” To dream.

“Once it was over, she’d walk out of a long recording session and say, ‘Did you see Dad?’ “I said everything she said was Katy Perry,” he said.

McDonald continued, “It was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get up close and personal with someone who has risen to such a high level of fame. My daughter was very excited and it made her day worthwhile.” Gave.” A teenager met him as a young adult on the American Idol stage.

“The young girl known as Wé McDonald, now known as Wé Ani, devastated him with an undeserved mean response to criticism of her performance on the show in front of which she once idolized was,” he concluded. The revered star’s mind was worried about Katy’s subsequent reaction to her American Idol performance. The star designation is a descendant of a common bully who attacked Way Annie when she was a child. No acknowledgment or apology, just a pop of color and a shoulder brush. remember this. lesson learned. See you at the Grammys.”

McDonald’s did not say which comment by Perry upset her daughter. But last month he was summoned for misbehaving with Annie. The judges didn’t give any feedback to Annie, such as her surprised expression when Annie was picked last in 12th place.

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