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Metafine, Pfizer Drugs, Retail Revenue: Key Highlights

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Yahoo Finance Live anchors Akiko Fujita and Sina Smith break down Monday’s top headlines, including Meta’s $1.3 billion fine, Pfizer’s weight loss study, and retailers reporting earnings Tuesday.

Akiko Fujita: It’s Yahoo Finance’s deadline. Let’s take a look at today’s biggest headlines. Meta was fined $1.3 billion by EU regulators over allegations that the tech giant violated privacy laws when it sent European customer data to the US. Meta said it would appeal the decision. Meta shares were up nearly 1% at the end of the day, but were up slightly.

Cena Smith: A peer-reviewed study suggests that Pfizer’s oral weight-loss drug may be faster and more effective than injectable Novo Nordisk’s Ozempic. Now, the news sent shares higher, with Pfizer ending the day up nearly 5%.

Akiko Fujita: And looking forward to tomorrow, we have a long list of retailers that will be reporting quarterly results. Lowes, Dicks Sporting Goods, BJ’s, Wholesale, Williams-Sonoma and Urban Outfitters are reportable. And given what we’ve heard from Target and Home Depot, we’ll be listening closely to see if any of these retailers are starting to make consumers more cautious about their spending.

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