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Hank Green shares diagnosis of cancer

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YouTuber and VidCon co-founder Hank Green said Friday that he has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system.

“Looks like we caught mine early. I’m still waiting on the scans to confirm it,” Green said in a 13-minute video uploaded to YouTube. He said that he would start chemotherapy soon.

Green and his brother John, a YA writer, rose to fame online through their shared YouTube channel, Vlogbrothers. He created several other popular projects including the educational YouTube channel Crash Course and the podcast “Dear Hank & John”.

Green said she was given advice about what to expect during treatment from friends who had had cancer before. She explained that there are several risk factors for lymphoma, including certain medications, an autoimmune disease and mononucleosis as a child.

He also mentioned how his diagnosis could affect his future work and said that he might not be able to create content as often. Green acknowledged that his community is likely to understand and support it.

“I’m playing by ear,” he said in the video. “I know you’re going to feel like a really bad piece of shit.”

VidCon, the annual internet culture convention held in Anaheim, released a statement on Instagram announcing that Green will not attend this year’s event next month.

“With his latest diagnosis, Hank will no longer be able to attend VidCon Anaheim 2023 next month,” the post said. “Our co-founder, scientist and the only person on the internet who understands where all the super wax goes: We send all the love to the VidCon community and beyond.”

Gaming YouTuber Sean McLaughlin, better known as jacksepticeye, tweeted, “Sorry to hear from Hank! Wishing you all the strength and energy to get through this situation.”

“I don’t mind being antisocial, but I have legitimate love and concern for you, like you’re the weirdest Uncle ever. You’ve unknowingly given me a lot of strength over the years and I hope you feel like a community for. I can give you strength!!” tweeted a fan.

Fans also showed their love by sending Green photos of Pelicans people at Green’s request.

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