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Marjorie Taylor Green announces articles of impeachment against President Biden

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Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., introduced articles of impeachment against President Biden.

“To the President, as the head of this last American administration that has been working to systematically destroy this country since January 20, 2021, I announce my intention to introduce articles of impeachment today.” Joseph Robinette Biden of the United States of America,” Green said. said at a press conference on Thursday.

Representative Firebrand said Biden failed to secure the border and should be removed “because he knowingly undermined our national security by refusing to enforce immigration laws and secure the border.”

Green rebuked Biden for allowing “an estimated 6 million illegal immigrants from more than 170 countries to invade our country” and urged the chairman of Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to divert resources needed to secure the border. deprived of

Green alleged, “His administration has willfully refused to maintain operational control as required by law.”

CBP reported that officers interviewed more than 211,000 immigrants in the month of April, up from March but less than the same month last year. Immigrant encounters by CBP in April were 211,401, down 11% from 235,785 in April 2022 and up 10% from 191,956 in March 2023. ,

The end of the order on May 11 raised concerns about a rise in new migrants on top of the already staggering numbers. This was happening when there were more than 10,000 encounters per day in the days before the end of the spell, but has since come down to around 4,400 per day.

Greene announced his intention to introduce articles of impeachment against Biden over the border crisis at a press conference to cap off “Impeachment Week”, where he was joined by Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI Director Christopher Wray and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. But went to impeachment.

White House spokesman Ian Sams called the articles of impeachment a “shameless political stunt” and accused Green of “trolling”.

“This trolling is more an embarrassing political stunt than an impeachment attack, in which one of the most extreme MAGA congressmen on ‘national security’ aggressively demands that FBI funding be forgiven and says he will be ‘armed,'” “They said. Do you have a great example?” Sams said in a statement.

“The president is focusing not on silly political attacks, but on what’s important to the American people, including stopping Republican House lapses that are crippling the economy and protecting investments that keep American manufacturing jobs.” build,” he said.

Green did not release the text of the articles of impeachment against Biden, but on Wednesday released an article about Garland obtained by Fox News.

“In my actions as Attorney General of the United States, I have violated my constitutional oath to faithfully perform the duties of Attorney General and to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution to the best of my ability. United States Merrick Brian Garland of America continues to put the judicial system of the United States at material risk and empowers President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. to persecute political enemies at will.”

The article cited several controversies and scandals during Garland’s tenure as attorney general. This includes refusing to “target parents” concerned about their children’s education at the request of a teachers’ union letter, in which the FBI compares their children’s education to “domestic terrorism”. The indictment “left-wing extremists who harassed and threatened a Supreme Court Justice at home following the Dobbs decision.”

In separate impeachment documents filed against Wray, Greene alleged that the FBI, under his watch, “facilitated the development of a federal police force to intimidate, harass, and imprison American citizens who are enemies of the Biden regime.” ”

Green highlighted the abuse of the Bureau’s powers. These examples include the FBI’s “unprecedented raid” of former President Donald Trump’s home on August 8, 2022, and the creation of a “terrorist threat tag” by the FBI after the Supreme Court overturned the earlier Law v. Wade decision. that summer.

Green said Thursday that each official was “corrupt” and “unfit for office.”

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