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Laura Ingraham split from FBI whistleblower

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Fox News host Laura Ingraham lost contact with her guest, FBI whistleblower George Hill, on Thursday.

After Hill responded to the FBI whistleblower’s recent criticism, “If you don’t like the message, attack the messenger,” the connection suddenly disconnected and the live video paused for a few seconds, with Ingraham looking shocked.

“I think we may have lost George,” Ingraham said. “But we can always get him back.”

“Well, we’re hoping to get that back. Isn’t that interesting? You just lost a satellite?” she continued before laughing. “Everybody’s like, ‘Well, I wonder why that happened.'”

Ingraham then said off-the-cuff: “But think about it for a moment. It still breaks my heart that credit card purchases happen in the DC area…

“We got George back. George, I thought it was some kind of Hillary, leftist conspiracy.

Hill, a retired FBI supervised intelligence analyst, told a House Judiciary Committee investigator in March that Bank of America “data-mined its customer base without direction from the FBI.” Hill alleged that the bank provided the FBI with a list of customers who had visited Washington, D.C. had used their Bank of America card in the area, and had purchased a firearm in a particular year or state at the top of the list.

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