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Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez enjoy the sunshine and a superyacht

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Jeff Bezos and girlfriend Lauren Sanchez recently caught the sun on the Amazon founder’s massive superyacht.

TMZ reported Tuesday that a pair of outings took place in Coruo earlier in the week, when the 417-foot-long boat spent time near the coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca. According to the pictures, other guests are also seen on the deck along with both of them.

Bezos and Sanchez reportedly took a ride on the superyacht for the first time.

According to Boat International, the Oceanco-built vessel is a three-masted sailing yacht with multiple luxury decks.

It took several years to build, and in 2022 the ship ran into trouble under a bridge near where it was being built in the Netherlands. The ship was eventually pulled without detaching the bridge, which the billionaire had offered to finance, but was scrapped after a public outcry.

In a photo taken earlier this week, Bezos and Sanchez are seen standing near the wheel of a ship in bikinis.

Their relationship goes back many years. The Amazon founder was previously married to Mackenzie Scott, 25, until 2019.

The yacht that Bezos and Sanchez enjoyed reportedly cost around $500 million.

Forbes’ real-time tracker estimated Bezos’ net worth at about $139.3 billion as of Thursday afternoon. He pointed to the Amazon as the source of his vast personal fortune.

A recent proxy statement from the e-commerce giant reported that as of February 22, Bezos owned 12.3% of the common stock. Deadline and 9% after.

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