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There is a clear and present danger of a new Trump presidency. Democrats must act now to stop it

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We can remember this period as a gap. Means the period between trumps. After a sigh of relief was heard around the world following the defeat of Donald Trump in November 2020, grim realization must have set in. The danger of Trump’s return to the White House is increasing.

His first task is to win the Republican presidential primary, but the odds are getting smaller. Trump’s hold on his party remains strong and none of his potential rivals is coming close. Of course, the primary is months away and a lot can change, but the shape of the race is already clear and Trump dominates. Witness reactions to events that would once have been the end of a politician. A civil court ruling this week found he sexually assaulted magazine writer E Jean Carroll at a New York department store in the 1990s and then branded and defamed her.

Responding to the jury’s decision, Senator Tommy Tuberville of Alabama said, “It made me vote twice.”

A similar Republican response occurred in March when Trump was indicted in New York over hush payments to former porn star Stormy Daniels. This saw his approval rating rise among Republicans, a self-proclaimed family values party. For believers, the prosecution only validated Trump’s claim that he was a martyr for a liberal nation. The pattern is clear. Killing him only makes him stronger.

That is, Democrats and those who want to see Trump finished should give up hope that the courts will send him out forever. Several other cases are pending, perhaps the most egregious being the pressure on election officials in Georgia to “find” a vote that would overturn Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia. However, current evidence suggests that multiple guilty verdicts will hardly harm his stand against his own party. As Trump hunched back in 2016, he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and Republicans would still vote for him.

It helps that his most obvious challenger, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is getting smaller and smaller in the spotlight. He connects and struggles to connect. An adviser appeared on tape this week and urged him to write the word “Like” at the top of a note before the televised debate. DeSantis’s inability to go straight to Trump makes him look like a coward. More than anything, DeSantis is employing the wrong strategy. He is proposing Trumpism without Trump. The problem is that while there are plenty of Republican primary voters like Trump, DeSantis’ brand of Trumpism is a hard buy for more voters who will be voting in November 2024.

Many Democrats believe Trump has a good chance of winning the party’s nomination. In fact, many want him to win, so they’re pretty sure he’ll lose to Biden in a 2020 rematch. And that could happen. But he will be very close to primary relief, at least in the Electoral College that decides the outcome. In 2020, just 44,000 votes in three states stood between a Biden victory and an Electoral College tie. Now the elections are looking very bad for him.

A Washington Post/ABC poll this week not only found the president trailing Trump by six points, but also found that 63% of Americans believe Biden, who will be 86 when his second term ends, lack the mental sharpness to serve effectively. 43% in 2020. Long story short, it was a photo finish last time, and Trump’s chances are better now than they’ve ever been.

What will happen with Trump’s reinstatement? He himself has promised “retaliation” and those serving under him have warned that when Trump returns, he will be less chaotic and focused than before. His appearance on a CNN town hall program this week provided some clues. As a policy, Ukraine must be prepared to concede defeat, and the world must be prepared for the United States to default. Americans will once again be caught in a big lie. It was distributed so quickly that when I challenged one there were four more. (This is one reason CNN’s broadcast was so badly misunderstood: It failed to learn an important lesson from 2016, when the American media turned itself into an instrument of misinformation.)

Trump also called Carroll “a hodgepodge” and dismissed a sex abuse verdict handed down in a liberal state under a judge appointed by Bill Clinton. This too became a pattern, and the justice system was just another arena in the partisan culture wars. Trump is not content to destroy Republicans’ faith in electoral democracy by deflecting attention from the fact that he lost the election, he is now doing the same to his followers’ faith in the law. Hunter.

Trump went on to finish what he started by dismantling every institution that stood in his way, be it the ballot box or the courts. A rare Republican opponent, Senator Mitt Romney said after the CNN show.

None of these are certain, but all are possible. Democrats need to snap out of the complacency of winning 2020 and act like they are behind in a race against the devil. They need to resolve the Biden age issue quickly. Several veterans of the party urged the president to achieve more and encourage closer encounters with the public where he would thrive. They need to sell their achievements as well as a strong record at work. And they should sound the alarm every day, warning of the danger of Trump. Because it is clear and present.

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