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The Republican Party Finally Admitted No Incriminating Evidence Against Joe Biden

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The wide-ranging investigation of the Biden family by Republicans hasn’t turned up much.

House Republicans on Wednesday accused Joe Biden and his family of doing business with foreign companies, but offered no real evidence linking the president to any wrongdoing.

James Comer, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, released a 65-page memo detailing a sweeping investigation into Biden and his relatives, particularly his son Hunter Biden. Nowhere in the voluminous documents were any specific allegations of crimes committed by Biden or his relatives.

At a press conference describing the investigation, Comer was asked whether there was any evidence that directly links Biden to corruption. The Kentucky Republican cried, but eventually admitted he hadn’t.

The memo accuses the Biden family of engaging in a “scheme to influence” and financial dealings with Chinese individuals in Romania from 2015 to 2017. Hunter Biden’s name comes up again and again. However, the memo contains few details about each of these alleged transactions, nor does it contain evidence that the law was violated or that Biden was involved in his son’s businesses in China.

Rep. Jamie Raskin, a member of the oversight committee, accused Comer of “failing to provide factual evidence to support his wild allegations against the president.”

“He continues to bombard the public with sarcasm, misrepresentation and outright lies, repeating baseless claims from stories he debunked years ago,” Raskin said in a statement.

Since taking control of the House, Republicans have become obsessed with kicking up the dust of the Biden family rather than actually governing. America is weeks away from default, but the GOP is clearly more interested in chasing wild geese.

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