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Rockland County Issues Emergency Order Suspending NYC Upstate Busing Plan

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A state of emergency was declared in Rockland County, where officials said they would “not tolerate” the city’s decision to move hundreds of migrants north because of problems with the city’s occupancy.

On Saturday, a day after declaring the state of emergency, Mayor Eric Adams announced plans to bus 300 asylum seekers to two Hudson Valley hotels.

In addition to Orangeburg hotels, the immigrants would be taken to hotels in the Orange County city of Orange Lake.

About 340 men are expected to be transferred to hotels in Orangeburg in the four months that follow the consolidation period, County Executive Ed Day said. He also said that the county informed Adams that it was not okay for him to make the call.

“This county is already facing a housing crisis due to housing shortages and a lack of affordable housing options,” Ed said in the statement. It is a cumbersome support system that has already reached its climax.”

According to Day, the proclamation would last 30 days, barring the city from allowing migrants to head north, and would not accommodate any hotels or motels without specific permits.

Orangetown Supervisor Teresa Kenny (Orangeburg is a small town in Orangetown) said Mayor Eric Adams called her Friday morning with the news.

“It’s really blank to confirm that you’re not asking for permission,” she said. “It’s frustrating to ask so many questions.”

Day said that Adams was hypocritical for deporting immigrants from his city to Orange and Rockland counties.

Day said, “Mayor Adams always complains that he and other African American mayors were voted for by Republicans … Turn around and what is he doing now? He’s doing the same thing.” “He’s bringing immigrants into Republican cities. Orange County, Republican County. Rockland County, Republican County. How exciting is that?”

Fellow Republican Congressman Mike Lawler said, “Rockland County, unlike New York City and its boroughs, is not a sanctuary county and should not bear the costs associated with the Biden administration’s disastrous failures on border security and immigration policies.”

NYC said it would pay for the provision of housing, food and peripheral services for up to four months for immigrants. There is still the possibility of renting other hotels in the city.

Kenney, a Republican, said city officials said all the immigrants taken to their downtown hotels were unmarried men.

“One of the things I asked point-blank was whether they were doing a background check, if he had a criminal record, and I was told they didn’t know,” Kenney said.

A picture taken on Friday afternoon shows a pile of mattresses outside the inn. Internal hotel staff declined to speak to NBC New York, saying they were too busy preparing to accommodate the immigrants.

Scott Stout of Orangeburg said, “This community is already full of undocumented people. Regular day laborers are trying to find work.”

“This new voluntary program will provide temporary housing, access to services and community connections for asylum seekers as they build a stable life in New York State,” Mayor Adams, a Democrat, said in a statement.

However, local authorities still want more information and details on the plan.

“The more information we can tell and give to residents, the better it is for everyone involved,” Kenney said.

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