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President of Moldova: Thanks to Ukraine, we are safe. Russia wants to remake the USSR.

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Moldovan President Maia Sandu believes that if Russia had successfully occupied Ukraine, it would have continued its expansion by bringing troops into Moldova.

The Moldovan president insisted that “I do not believe that they [the Russian-version] would have stopped at the border. We are safe today only thanks to Ukraine”, stressing that a full-scale invasion was not possible early on. In the weeks that followed, when such a threat still existed, the country did not seek refugees. I focused on caring.

When asked whether he had plans to leave Moldova in the event of an attack by the Russian Federation, Sandu said he had no intention of doing so.

“I would have stayed in [Moldova-version], but we hoped that we would have to help as many people as possible in [neighboring] Romania, where it was safer,” the president said.

According to Sandu, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine is an attempt to “reconstruct the Soviet Union”.

“They want to go back to the old days. And we don’t want that. Moldova has been part of the buffer zone for 30 years and for us it means poverty, corruption, misrule and immigration. We want to be part of it.” This. A democratic world.” said.

A reporter for the Financial Times says, “Sandu rarely drinks, but readily celebrates the Ukrainian victory.”

In February, the President of Moldova commented on and condemned Russia’s war of aggression, asserting that there was a serious danger that Moldova could be occupied by Russian troops. Ukraine.

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