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What are the latest updates on Johnny Depp’s legal battle with Amber Heard?

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Hollywood actor Johnny Depp is engaged in a legal battle with his ex wife Amber Heard since 2016. The two married in 2015, but got divorced only two years later. The legal battle between the two stars is on and several updates have come to the fore in the last few years.

The accusations started when Amber Heard accused Johnny Depp of domestic violence. Things turned sour and both the actors started accusing each other of physical abuse. This led to a series of court cases, with Depp filing a defamation suit against Heard and Heard’s counter-claims against Depp.

This case has been going on for several years and has seen some updates in recent months. Here are the latest developments in the legal fight between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

1. Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Heard dismissed In March 2021, the British court dismissed Depp’s defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard. Johnny Depp sued Heard over an article in The Washington Post that he claimed defamed him. However, the court ruled that the case was not valid as the article did not refer directly to Johnny Depp.

2. Depp’s appeal against dismissal dismissed: In November 2021 the UK Court of Appeal rejected Depp’s appeal against the dismissal of the defamation suit. The court ruled that “there was no error in the judge’s decision to dismiss the case.

3. Depp files a $50 million defamation suit against Amber Heard. In December 2021, Johnny Depp filed a $50 million defamation suit in the United States against Amber Heard. The suit alleges Heard made false and defamatory statements about her in a 2018 feature article in The Washington Post.

4. Amber Heard’s Defense Against Johnny Depp Dismissed: In January 2022, a Virginia judge dismissed Amber Heard’s defense against Johnny Depp. Heard sued Depp for $100 million, alleging that Depp had launched a slanderous campaign against her. However, the judge ruled there was no evidence to support Heard’s claims.

5. Johnny Depp has won $10 million in a lawsuit against his former lawyer. In April 2022, Johnny Depp won $10 million in a medical malpractice suit against his former attorney. Depp accused his attorneys of mismanaging his finances, and the courts sided with him.

Bottom line, the legal battle between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is ongoing, and several updates have come to light over the years. Depp had some victories, including winning $10 million in a lawsuit against his former lawyer, but he also had setbacks, including the dismissal of a defamation lawsuit against Heard in the UK. The situation remains complex and uncertain when it will be resolved.

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