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Chicago teen charged with a misdemeanor for stealing a car, killing a child and injuring three others

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Two Chicago teens have been charged with only a misdemeanor for stealing a car and crashing it into a pickup truck, killing a child and injuring three passengers.

The boys, aged 14 and 17, were speeding on West Washington Road when they were struck by a pickup truck carrying an adult woman and three children.

Six-month-old Cristian Uvidia died from his injuries, while three other passengers (aged 34, 17 and 7) were treated at Stroger Hospital.

The accident was captured on surveillance video by Sean Walker, a local resident. “The kid wasn’t breathing, so we started CPR,” Walker told Fox News 32.

The family wrote on their GoFundMe page, “In that moment, our lives changed forever. Our sweet boy Cristian, or as we call him ‘Cristiancito’, had his life cut short for only six months.” “He suffered an impact that fractured his skull, caused his brain to swell, and ultimately led to his death.”

In Illinois, manslaughter carries a sentence of two to five years, a maximum fine of $25,000, and four years’ probation.

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