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Ousted Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot Urges Dems To ‘Tell The Truth’ Amid Rise In Violent Crime

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Ousted Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot urged Democratic mayors to “tell the truth” about violent crime in the city amid a spike in crime in Chicago.

Addressing a panel at the African American Mayors Association meeting in Washington, D.C., on Friday, Lightfoot urged Democratic mayors to address rising crime in their cities.

“As a Democrat, if we don’t tell the truth about violent crime in our city, we will be worse off,” Lightfoot said.

“I come to this conversation as a former federal prosecutor. I come to this conversation as a former defense attorney. I am the sister of a returning resident.” Lightfoot continued. “But I know there are people in our city who create havoc every day and need to be taken off the streets. That’s the reality.”

“What do we say to people who fear not only crime victims but crime in their neighborhoods, most of whom look like us? When they say, ‘Yes, the police department is spending all this time and resources. The prosecutor says, ‘You know what? We’re going to put you on electronic surveillance and wreak havoc again.'”

Lightfoot asked, “If someone had the courage to identify the man who had just shot his neighbor, and then two days later saw Pookie boldly walking down the street, what would you say to them?”

“The criminal justice system is telling them that it doesn’t care about victims and witnesses,” Lightfoot said. “And with so many prosecutors and judges who don’t live in our city and don’t care what’s going on, if we don’t call it every day, we’ll be missing our chance to protect victims and witnesses who want to And deserve peace, for the people.”

“We have to say this,” she said. “You’ll have to tell me.”

Lightfoot’s comments came as he completed his term as mayor of Chicago, becoming the first mayor in 40 years not to be re-elected.

Under Lightfoot’s leadership, crime skyrocketed in the Windy City and he played a central role in the 2023 mayoral election.

Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson has warned against youth debauchery over the weekend, blaming the chaotic Loop “teen takeover” where hundreds of youths flock to the downtown area for two nights in a row.

Two teenagers, aged 16 and 17, were shot while standing in a crowd on Saturday night as hundreds of youths vandalized cars, blocked traffic and fought in the streets. According to Fox 32 Chicago, both victims were taken to the hospital and are in good condition.

“I have absolutely no tolerance for the disruptive activity we saw on the Loop and Lake Shore this weekend. It is unacceptable and has no place in our city,” said Johnson, a moderate who earlier this month took on moderate Democrat Paul Vallas, said: In a statement on Sunday, he said:

“We must work together to make our city a place where young people can gather safely and responsibly under the guidance and supervision of adults.

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