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Senator Josh Hawley calls for Alejandro Mayorkas to be fired

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At a Senate hearing today, Josh Hawley lashed out at Alejandro Mayorkas and demanded that he be fired immediately.

When asked by Ted Cruz, who went viral for his questions about Mallorca and Rand Paul, Mallorca asked about similar issues this year, including COVID-19 guidelines at the border and border crossings. Pass wristband included. Each child was indebted to a cartel member and had a record for drug trafficking and illegal immigration.

TODAY Josh Hawley questions Mayorkas at the plate and he doesn’t hold back at all in this heated exchange. Josh Hawley said.

Josh Hawley continued, “At every step you have promoted modern indentured servitude to minors. Why shouldn’t you be impeached for this?”

Not only did Ted Cruz demand that Mayorkas be fired, Josh Hawley demanded that he be fired immediately after this heated exchange.

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