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‘Don’t insult my intelligence’ mother of New York murder victim tells Democrats

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During an on-site hearing of the House Judiciary Committee on Monday, the mother of a New York City murder victim shouted at D-NY Representative Dan Goldman, warning him to “don’t disrespect my information.”

The mother, Madeline Bram, was one of several witnesses who testified before the committee at Monday’s hearing, which highlighted Manhattan’s crime problem. Goldman attempted to use the time given to question Bram to criticize the hearing, which he claimed was a “cover-up” for Republicans trying to protect former President Donald Trump.

Goldman, who served as impeachment counsel during Trump’s first impeachment, said other Democrats that Republicans were using witnesses as “props” to defend Trump, giving Bram his opinion about the situation. Tried to explain the idea.

“We are not disrespecting you. Your experience is devastating, but the problem is that it is a hoax to cover up an abuse of power. [Republicans] are constantly going around these hearings and out of these hearings about Donald Trump. Are.’ Its purpose is to cover up the improper investigation of [District Attorney Alvin Bragg],” Goldman said.

“Can I answer you?” Bram asked when Goldman was going to move.

“Not now. I’m sorry I only have 20 seconds, but I will.” Goldman said.

“Don’t insult my intelligence.” Bram intervened as Ohio Republican Congressman Jim Jordan attempted to maintain order. “You’re trying to insult me like I don’t know what’s going on here. I know what’s going on here, OK? That’s why I’m off Democratic Farm.”

Bram had previously testified that Bragg had wrongfully committed the murder of his son. His son, an army sergeant. Hassan Correa was beaten and stabbed nine times by multiple people in 2018. Prosecution in the case dragged on for more than four years, and Bragg eventually dropped charges against two suspects in favor of lesser charges. Two others were sentenced to life imprisonment.

Bram argued that Bragg’s office only served to exacerbate the city’s crime problem, without showing “measurable results” in reducing the city’s violent crime rate.

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