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Donald Trump’s team exposes the shady history of radical leftist Attorney General Letitia James

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Former President Donald Trump and his team compile the history of New York State Attorney General Leticia James, uncovering her ties to billionaire benefactor George Soros and her bias towards Trump.

Trump’s team argued that James should be disqualified from any investigation or prosecution of Trump under the Code of Conduct.

His statement also touched on James’ history as a prominent Democratic activist and donor. He pointed to her contribution to ActBlue. As reported by OpenSecrets, James was recently implicated in possible campaign finance violations by James O’Keefe and his O’Keefe Media Group and donations to several Democratic candidates.

Trump and his team displayed the AG’s history of relatively soft prosecutions of actual criminals, refused to tighten the state’s failed cashless bail system, and opposed police departments in general and the NYPD in particular. He also noted that James sued the NYPD over “patterns and practices following the George Floyd riots”.

The statement also said that James pursued an anti-Second Amendment agenda as AG. She also hosted a “Drag Queen Story Hour” using taxpayer money.

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