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A Florida mother won $2 million in the lottery

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A Florida mother won $2 million in the lottery just days after she paid for her daughter’s cancer treatment.

Geraldine Gamble of Lakeland, Florida, won $2 million in the $10 scratch lottery, according to a Florida Lottery press release. She claimed a $1,645,000 lump sum win last Friday, she said in an April 7 press release.

Gimblett told the Florida Lottery that he bought his last lottery ticket at a local gas station.

“At first, the gas station clerk thought there were no tickets left,” recalled a press release. “By the way, since I love crossword puzzles the most, he asked me to double-check it. He found the last one!

The daughter, whose name was not mentioned in the press release, broke down in tears and described the meaning of her mother’s victory, according to Lotto. She said that her mother had paid for her breast cancer treatment.

Gimblett’s daughter said, “The day before my mother bought this ticket, she rang the doorbell and left the hospital after her final treatment for breast cancer.” “When I was ill my mother took out her life savings to take care of me. I am so happy for her!”

According to the release, Gimblett bought a lucky ticket at Pipkin Road Beverage Castle in Lakeland. Retailers will also receive a $2,000 commission on ticket sales.

According to the Florida Lottery website, the odds of winning the $2 million prize in the “Bonus Cashword” game are only 1 in 3,921,270.

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